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The mainframe blogs that I have written in the past have typically been about technology and how our customers can better use their FICON capabilities. But on this occasion I am going to provide a more personal blog about my own 45 year journey through this historical era of the Mainframe and what being a Mainframe Practitioner has meant to me. The reason that you might want to read about this journey is that you will discover that I had to reinvent myself a number of times during all of these years. I made changes to my career in order to continue to challenge myself professionally and to continue to provide value to my employers. Change is not bad. It is usually uncomfortable being taken out of one’s comfort zone but the end result is a better, more talented and valuable you. If you can embrace change, as I have, then your experiences in computer technology and, in particular, the mainframe world, will be absolutely amazing. Also in this reading, for those of you with some decades of experience, you’ll relate to the way things were at various times in our industry – it is kind of fun to remember it all.


We are excited to announce that the vADC, vRouter, vEPC and SDN Controller Acquisitions from Brocade are complete!
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