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SHARE Anaheim 2014 and Brocade

by Dr.Steve.Guendert ‎03-07-2014 07:01 AM - edited ‎03-07-2014 07:09 AM (9,885 Views)

Next week in Anaheim will mark the  first  SHARE Conference of 2014 and the 122nd SHARE conference since SHARE's 1955 inception. This is an important event to IBM enterprise computing professionals as it will be the SHARE Conference just prior to the 50th birthday of the IBM Mainframe computing platform in April.  


Background on SHARE


SHARE Inc. is a volunteer-run user group for IBM mainframe computers that was founded in 1955 by Los Angeles-area IBM 701 users. It evolved into a forum for exchanging technical information about programming languages, operating systems, database systems, and user experiences for enterprise users of small, medium, and large-scale IBM computers such as IBM S/360, IBM S/370, zSeries, pSeries, and xSeries. A major resource of SHARE from the beginning was the SHARE library. Originally, IBM distributed its operating systems in source form and systems programmers commonly made small local additions or modifications and exchanged them with other users. The SHARE library and the process of distributed development it fostered was one of the major origins of open source software. Over the past five decades, SHARE has become synonymous with high-quality, user-driven education and resources to make enterprise computing specialists more effective professionals. SHARE serves more than 20,000 individuals representing over 2,000 of IBM's top enterprise computing customers.


Brocade and SHARE


Brocade has a long and rich tradition of supporting SHARE, presenting at SHARE conferences, and actively participating in SHARE.  This tradition goes back multiple decades, even prior to the Brocade acquisition of McDATA.  Some of the ways Brocade and its employees have been actively involved in SHARE include:


  • Serving on SHARE's Board of Directors
  • Serving as volunteer project officers, deputy/project managers, and program managers.
  • Serving on SHARE committees such as the SHARE information technology committee.
  • Helping start the zNextGen project and serving on its initial leadership team.

Giving presentations at SHARE is also an important part of our involvement at SHARE.  Brocade's very own David Lytle has been recognized recently at multiple SHARE conferences with the "Best Vendor Presentation" award.  Dave's most recent such recognition was at the 2013 SHARE San Francisco Conference in recognition for his presentation "A First Look at the Inner Workings and Hidden Mechanisms of FICON Performance." A photo of Dave receiving the award from SHARE President Brian Peterson and SHARE Vice President James Vincent is below.  We're all very proud of Dave at Brocade, and I am privileged to have worked with him for many years, and honored to have him as a good friend.  For SHARE Anaheim, Dave is one of two "SHARE Anaheim Spotlighted Speakers", another impressive accomplishment for Dave, and great for Brocade.  





Brocade at SHARE Anaheim

Brocade has 5 sessions on the schedule at SHARE Anaheim next week from 3 speakers.


1) Monday, March 10, 2014: 9:30 AM-10:30 AM Platinum Ballroom Salon 4 (Anaheim Marriott Hotel)  Buzz Fibrechannel - To 16G and Beyond.    Howard Johnson will discuss:


     -FICON speed roadmap - per the standards.

     -Current customer trends in bandwidth utilization.
     -Do you need 8G, do you need 16G, do you need 32G ?
     -How does HPF play into FICON speeds ?
     -What about FCoE - how does this play into FICON ?


2) Wednesday, March 12, 2014: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM Platinum Ballroom Salon 1 (Anaheim Marriott Hotel) . 'Why' Ultra High Availability and Integrated EMC-Brocade Data Replication Networks.  Yours truly is doing a joint presentation with EMC's Brian Kithcart.   The focus of our presentation will be on architecture and management for business continuity with the EMC DLm platform and Brocade SAN, FCIP, and IP hardware.


3) Wednesday, March 12, 2014: 1:30 PM-2:30 PM Platinum Ballroom Salon 2 (Anaheim Marriott Hotel).  Yours truly will present a session entitled  System z Long Distance Extension and FCIP Network Primer.  This session will provide a detailed look at Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) networking for IBM System z environments. We will discuss basics, such as tunnels, circuits, and the protocol itself. We will also cover several more advanced technical subjects, such as FCIP trunking, metrics/failover, lossless link loss, and how TCP plays a role in FCIP networks. Finally, we will discuss different FICON protocol emulation techniques used to improve performance over very long distances.


4) Thursday, March 13, 2014: 9:30 AM-10:30 AM Grand Ballroom Salon H (Anaheim Marriott Hotel).  David Lytle is presenting his spotlighted presentation and sequel to his award winning presentation.   


A Deeper Look Into the Inner Workings and Hidden Mechanisms of FICON Performance goes into a deeper discussion on some of the design considerations of a FICON infrastructure. Among the topics this session will focus on how FICON utilizes buffer credits as well as how best to get FICON RMF reporting will be discussed. Lastly, a discussion on the tools and techniques for managing performance issues will also be covered. 


5) Thursday, March 13, 2014: 4:30 PM-5:30 PM Platinum Ballroom Salon 4 (Anaheim Marriott Hotel) David Lytle is presenting a brand new session: Build FC I/O Fabric Super Highways Using ISL Virtualization.


This technical session, suitable for FCP and FICON users, will provide information about deploying good I/O fabric architecture practices to make the best use of Brocade ISL virtual channels. Customers who use fibre channel links to connect switches and data center sites together will benefit from the information in this session.




It promises to be a great week at SHARE Anaheim.  I'm excited about the great sessions, particularly the Brocade sessions of course.  I'm also looking forward to seeing a lot of friends from the industry at SHARE.  One of the best things about attending SHARE is being able to renew acquaintances and friendships with people in the industry you do not get to see very often,  Even if they work for a competing company (such as Cisco in my case).


Unfortunately, I will not be seeing anyone I know from Cisco at SHARE.  You see, for the second SHARE in a row, they are not presenting any sessions.  They are not hosting a booth.  Just not attending.  For a company in the industry who is supposedly quite focused on the enterprise computing (mainframe) space with their networking products, and FICON directors, it sure seems strange to me that they would again not attend the pivotal conference focused on mainframe computing.  


Unlike Cisco, if you'd like to attend SHARE you can register here.  


I hope to see you there!


Dr. Steve

by Scott Shimomura
on ‎03-07-2014 11:01 AM



Very informative blog.  Maybe Cisco is waiting for FICON over Ethernet (FICONoE), or is it FICON over FCoE (FICONoFCoE)...