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Mainframe Solutions

Day 2 – A mainframe guy at EMC World 2015

by Dave Lytle on ‎05-06-2015 09:00 AM (4,857 Views)

I am going to be very busy today and tomorrow so I’m going to just highlight some information that I picked up in various sessions and discussions I had here today.

EMC was making a point of their 25 years of mainframe experience and coopetition with IBM. Just like any vendor who attaches to the mainframe, EMC has a working relationship with IBM to discuss roadmaps and engineering requirements on an ongoing basis. As EMC slide said that they have spent more than US$1B in mainframe R&D and it was money well spent as they have been chosen as the #1 storage vendor for 10 years and counting.

They put some stats up that indicates that IDC believes that there will be a 20% CAGR of storage (2014-2019) and that those numbers account for some data moving to the mainframe and some data moving off of the mainframe as well as just organic growth.

Paul Scheuer, Worldwide Consultant Product Marketing Manager for DLm and Data Protection, and the mover and shaker for the mainframe at EMC now, put up a slide about 1st, 2nd and 3rd platform. Most of us have seen this evolution and the new names for these 3 cycles. On his slide he represented the mainframe (1st platform) as really the base holding up all of the other evolutions (2nd and 3rd platforms). Lots of attention being given to the billions of transactions per second being done at the 3rd platform level today but completely unable to keep up with the activity and data flow if it were not for the 10 billion/transactions/second that the background mainframes of the world were doing as well.

The last statistic that I got was that mainframe storage capacity demand, according to EMC/IDC is growing 11% year-on-year (y/y).

EMC really didn’t want to discuss their roadmap very much but I was able to ask, in the Birds of a Feather session about:

16 Gbps port connectivity – coming, no date
Forward error correction – coming, no date

I could tell that they really didn’t want to discuss that very much in public so I didn’t ask about D_Port diagnostics for links between VMAX and the z13 or VMAX and Brocade Directors. I also didn’t ask about support for Fabric I/O Priority (coming this year on the z13) and what their thoughts were on Gen 6 standards that Brocade will be deploying in 2016.

But that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t ask those questions – they are important to streamlining I/O processing and cutting through the building complexity of our data centers.