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Brocade and SHARE Antonio 2016

by Dr.Steve.Guendert on ‎02-26-2016 12:51 PM (5,632 Views)

Next week in San Antonio will mark the first SHARE Conference of 2016 and the 126th SHARE Conference since its 1955 inception. SHARE San Antonio runs February 28 through March 4th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.


Background on SHARE


SHARE Inc. is a volunteer-run user group for IBM mainframe computers that was founded in 1955 by Los Angeles-area IBM 701 users. It evolved into a forum for exchanging technical information about programming languages, operating systems, database systems, and user experiences for enterprise users of small, medium, and large-scale IBM computers such as IBM S/360, IBM S/370, zSeries, pSeries, and xSeries. A major resource of SHARE from the beginning was the SHARE library. Originally, IBM distributed its operating systems in source form and systems programmers commonly made small local additions or modifications and exchanged them with other users. The SHARE library and the process of distributed development it fostered was one of the major origins of open source software. Over the past five decades, SHARE has become synonymous with high-quality, user-driven education and resources to make enterprise computing specialists more effective professionals. SHARE serves more than 20,000 individuals representing over 2,000 of IBM's top enterprise computing customers.


Brocade and SHARE 


Brocade has a long and rich tradition of supporting SHARE, presenting at SHARE conferences, and actively participating in SHARE.  This tradition goes back multiple decades, even prior to the Brocade acquisition of McDATA. Some of the ways Brocade and its employees have been actively involved in SHARE include: 


  • Serving on SHARE's Board of Directors
  • Serving as volunteer project officers, deputy/project managers, and program managers.
  • Serving on SHARE committees such as the SHARE information technology committee.
  • Helping start the zNextGen project and serving on its initial leadership team.

Giving presentations at SHARE is also an important part of our involvement at SHARE. Brocade has 2 sessions at SHARE San Antonio, and will be participating in SHARE’s “Ask the Geniuses” sessions in the exhibit hall.


  1. zHealth Check and the FICON Fabric. Speaker: Howard Johnson. Monday Feb 29, 2016, 1115 AM-1215 PM, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center Room 225D. In this session, Howard will explore the new features of the zHealth Check Suite and how it interoperates with the FICON fabric.
  2. To CUP or Not to CUP? That is Still the (FICON) Question! Speaker: Dr. Steve Guendert. Thursday March 3, 2016 145 PM- 245 PM, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center Room 221C. In this session, Steve will review the basics of FICON CUP, and discuss then latest enhancements made to FICON CUP for performance analysis known as FICON CUP Diagnostics.

Another noteworthy session you will not want to miss is David Tolsma’s session on Wednesday March 2nd at 830am in Room 225C of the Gonzalez convention center. Dave is a solutions architect with Luminex Software, Inc. His session is entitled Achieving Continuous Availability with Mainframe Tape. Brocade and Luminex are working together on testing Brocade’s 7840 extension switch with Luminex’s mainframe virtual tape products.


Finally, yours truly will be in the SHARE, Inc. Booth from 1030-1130 am on Wednesday March 2 to answer FICON and other mainframe storage questions as part of SHARE’s “Ask the Geniuses” program.




It promises to be a great week at SHARE San Antonio.  I'm excited about the great sessions, particularly the Brocade sessions of course.  I'm also looking forward to seeing a lot of friends from the industry at SHARE.  One of the best things about attending SHARE is being able to renew acquaintances and friendships with people in the industry you do not get to see very often.


Dr. Steve