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Brocade and SHARE Anaheim 2011

by Dr.Steve.Guendert on ‎03-09-2011 05:21 PM (1,650 Views)

SHARE held it's first semi-annual conference of 2011 at the Anaheim (CA) convention center Feb 27-March 4th. SHARE Inc. is an  independent, volunteer run association providing enterprise technology  professionals with continuous education and training, valuable  professional networking and effective industry influence.  There is a lot of history behind SHARE. From the SHARE website:

"In 1955, just two years after the release of IBM's first computer, a  handful of the earliest IT professionals collaborated to form SHARE.  Thus came into being the world's first organization of computing  professionals. Over the past five decades,  SHARE has become synonymous with high-quality, user-driven education and  resources to make enterprise computing specialists more effective  professionals. SHARE serves more than 20,000 individuals representing  over 2,000 of IBM's top enterprise computing customers. Our constituency  includes many of the top international corporations (including the  majority of the FORTUNE 500), universities and colleges, municipal  through federal government organizations, and industry-leading  consultants. While independent, SHARE maintains a close partnership with  IBM and its subsidiaries, as well as with leading solution providers to  continually strengthen SHARE's benefits for its members."

Brocade has been an active member and a leading fixture at SHARE for many years.  Brocade's top mainframe experts are regular speakers at SHARE's semi-annual conferences, as well as take an active part in SHARE as volunteer project officers, project managers, and yours truly serves on SHARE's Board of Directors.  Brocade personnel also played an instrumental role in getting zNextGen started in 2005 and 2006, serving as the first Deputy Project Manager, and Project Officer for zNextGen.

Three Brocadians were speakers at SHARE Anaheim 2011.  Dave Lytle presented a Storage Area Networking (SAN) overview, and Understanding FICON Performance.  Howard Johnson presented FICON Buffer to Buffer Credits, Exchanges and Urban Legends with Lou Ricci from IBM.  Howard and Lou also co-presented zSeries FICON and FCP Fabrics-Intermixing Best Practices and Customer Deployment Examples for FICON Technologies. Your friendly blog author gave three presentations: Planning and Implementing NPIV for System z, Improving Your Ethernet Services With Virtual Cluster Switching, and Do As I Do, Not As I Say!  Principled Leadership By ExampleThe VCS presentation was recorded by SHARE as one of eight "hot topic" sessions and will be available for viewing soon. My three presentations, as well as Howard's and Dave's are attached to this post.

Attendance at SHARE Anaheim 2011 was just under 1300, and many more participants participated in the online version of the conference.  It was a very succesful week for SHARE and its members.  The educational content was exceptional as usual.  Our Brocade sessions were extremely well attended and highly rated.

SHARE is always looking for end-user presentations based on your experiences. The next SHARE conference is August 4-7th at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, FL.  If you would like to submit a session based on your experiences with Brocade, please email me at