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2012: Performance, Performance, Performance

by Dr.Steve.Guendert on ‎01-11-2012 01:06 PM (6,403 Views)


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  This is our first blog post of 2012, and as 2012 starts we're working on several interesting things primarily focused on performance, and performance management/monitoring.  These include developing improvements focused on making performance management/monitoring of Brocade FICON hardware a) simpler and b) more proactive/less reactive meaning having added intelligence so that you can see potential performance issues prior to their becoming actual issues.  We're also continuing to work with IBM on developing end to end quality of service functionality for FICON storage networks, which as you may recall, we started discussing in this zJournal article.  Finally, we'll be doing more with customers and our OEM partners in terms of education/training on performance.

Performance/performance management, and capacity planning is a field of great importance to Brocade.  Not only do we build the highest performing FICON directors, switches, and extension products in the industry, but we have a rich toolset of management software as well.  Our hardware also is the most energy efficient in our industry, resulting in lower operational costs and energy savings for our FICON customers. We actively participate in the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) which is the largest worldwide users' group type organization focused on computing performance.   Finally, we have some of the best people in the industry who are recognized for their expertise when it comes to performance.

My Brocade colleague David Lytle was recently recognized by SHAREfor his expertise.  Dave was awarded a Best Session Award for SHARE Orlando for his presentation on Understanding the Hidden Mechanisms of FICON Performance. I have included the presentation as part of this post.  This is the second time SHARE has recognized Dave with a Best Session Award.  Many of our customers and OEM partners have worked with Dave throughout the years, and are quite familiar with his expertise.  Next time you see him, please congratulate him.

Yours truly has been active in the Computer Measurement Group (CMG)  for many years both in regional leadership, the annual Conference, and publications.  This fall CMG had their election for the International Board of Directors, and I had the good fortune to be elected to the Board for a two year term.  I will be serving as the Director of Publications.

On tap for 2012-in addition to what I mentioned above

1) A Brocade Mainframe Storage I/O and FICON Facebook page

2) We are planning on a series of mainframe customer forums worldwide

3) Plans for updating the Brocade FICON certification are underway

4) Joint presentations with HDS at SHARE

5) a series of two day FICON- mainframe I/O performance training workshops with IBM

We will be doing more frequent blog postings, and you'll see the postings going into more technical detail than here, with a large emphasis on performance related topics.  If you have a topic you'd like me to address, please email me at

Real estate people like to say its all about location, location, location.  I like to say with FICON and the mainframe its about performance, performance, performance.

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