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dcx8510 hafailover reconfigures ports

We have 10 DCX8510's running V7.0.0c with 32 port blades and used solely for Ficon Directors. We have a virtual switch in them wherein we have re-mapped the blades/ports in the virtual switch to be consistent with the directors we replaced. That is slot 1 port 0-F have been assigned portid 0-F and slot 1 port 80-8F have been assigned portid 10-1F, in the virtual switch. So if you looked across the the slots the bottom ports would go 00 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 etc...

we have done HAFAILOVER's on 3 of these to test it out and it reconfigured the ports randomly, for instance, slot 1 port 0-F remained intact, however, physical port 80,virtual port 10-1F now show up as port 31 /11 /32 /33/34-3F, the same happened across all slots/ports, and it disabled ALL the ports in the switch, which needless to say caused us to lose connectivity to the z196 channels and storage devices that were attached.

we went through the tedious process of re-binding and enabling the ports back to what they should be.

we have since tried hafailover on a test switch and the same thing happened, the portid's were randomly renumbered.

the normal hardwired assignments stayed correct - slot 1 first set of port 0-F, slot 1 second set 80-8F, etc.

has anyone else heard of this happening ?

we do have Brocade support and IBM involved, I'm just curious if we are the only ones.

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Re: dcx8510 hafailover reconfigures ports


Brocade closed any similarly DEFECT in FOS v6.4.3a, wich was GA on August 2, 2012, however a couple of day later the Release for some reason was removed from Download.

The DEFECT was observed on Brocade 48000 with FC8-xx Blade,now if this or similarly have any impact to DCX-8510 is another question.

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Re: dcx8510 hafailover reconfigures ports

DCFM and Network Advisor do not bind the address to the ports. This must be done via the CLI. your Brocade SE should be able to get you some scripts to make this easy. Syntax is:

portaddress --bind s/p xx00


s     slot number (omit if this is a fixed port switch)

p     switch port number

xx     Link address you want assigned to the port.

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