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Mainframe & FICON

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Brocade FICON connecting ISL over DWDM



I've got a pair of Brocade DCX 8510-4's which we've connected to a Z13 Mainframe...all's working well.


I now need to get a cross-site configuration up and running. We've got another 2 x DCX 8510-4's configured at a remote site connected over DWDM (distance approx 100kms).


I'm trying to get the links up and running, and I've got an "in-sync" status on the source site, and "no light" on the target site.

When I disable the port on the target site, the port on the primary site goes to "No_Sync", so I know there's some connectivity cross-ste.


My question the link not working because of something like the Secure Policy being enabled? I've got the SecPolicy enabled on both source and primary, and added the wwn's of the switches into both SecPolicies (either side of the link), but just wondering if I need to take the secpolicy out before this link will become active....or is ther still some sort of physical issue with the cabling?





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Re: Brocade FICON connecting ISL over DWDM

We're running v7.3.0b on all switches if that's of interest

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Re: Brocade FICON connecting ISL over DWDM



Have you configured the ports as long distance LS for minimum distance of 100km?

Any messages seen on the switches?

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