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Mainframe & FICON Solutions

Session 14482 - Brocade SAN and FICON update for SHARE - 130814.pdf

by jconsoli on ‎10-30-2013 12:05 PM (534 Views)

Presentation from the SHARE user conference in Boston, August 2013.


As the crucial infrastructure between a host and storage, a user's storage network is critical to the overall performance of your data center. This is even more true in a multiple-site environment. This session will discuss how Brocade's Gen 5 SAN and/or FICON devices prepare a user to best utilize the latest open systems servers, IBM zEnterprise processors and modern storage.


Along with other features, this session will focus on new functionality such as the ability to validate FC fabric infrastructure before deploying them into production; improved management though updated firmware and Brocade Network Advisor capabilities; avoiding fabric latency and congestion problems through improved fabric bottleneck detection; and reducing ISL link bit errors through unique Gen 5 technology.