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Brocade Mainframe Connectivity Solutions (eBook)

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About the book:
This book takes a brief look back at some of this history to set the stage for the more detailed
discussion of modern technology. The book is sectioned into four parts. Part 1 focuses on the history
and basics of mainframe storage and mainframe I/O. Part 2 is a detailed discussion on all aspects
of FICON Storage Area Networking (SAN). Part 3 brings the conversation around to the traditional
networking side of the mainframe (SNA and SNA/IP), along with a look at what the future holds in
store in the form of Ethernet fabrics and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Part 4 looks at Business
Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) solutions: Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP), remote replication
for disk and tape, and geographically dispersed solutions such as IBM’s GDPS and EMC’s GDDR.


About the Authors:

Steve Guendert is a Principal Global Solutions Architect at Brocade Communications, focused on all
aspects of mainframe connectivity. He has worked with customers globally in the mainframe industry
for many years, including time with Brocade, McDATA, CNT, and IBM. Steve has written over 50 papers
on a variety of mainframe I/O performance topics and has been published in numerous industry
journals and conference proceedings. Steve is a Senior Member of both IEEE and ACM. He is also
active in the Computer Measurement Group and SHARE. Steve wrote his Doctoral Dissertation on
ESCON to FICON migration. In addition to holding a PhD in MIS and Computer Science, Steve holds
Bachelor’s, MBA, and Master’s degrees in MIS from Northwestern and Auburn Universities, respectively.


David Lytle is a System z Principal Engineer and Global Solutions Specialist for Brocade
Communications, Inc. in the United States. He is a 43-year veteran of the IT industry and has held
positions such as District SE Manager, FICON Solutions Architect, Consulting Systems Engineer,
SAN Sales Specialist, Storage Sales Specialist, Post Sales SE, Senior MVS Systems Programmer,
and Senior Applications Programmer. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Jones College
in Jacksonville, Florida. His areas of expertise include ESCON and FICON Mainframe I/O. He has
written extensively on FICON I/O and has published papers which have appeared in z/Journal and in
The Journal of Computer Resource Management.

Fred Smit has been in the computer industry since 1976, with a wide range of experience in
programming, analysis, consulting, education, and management Since 1996 he has, as a part-time
instructor for IBM Netherlands, taught IBM mainframe courses and has focused exclusively on the
storage and storage networking industry since 2000. Fred joined Brocade in 2008 as a Sales Engineer
(SE) Subject Matter Expert (SME) on FICON and represented Brocade in this role at many European
IBM conferences. In 2010 he moved to the U.S. to become a Brocade Support Account Manager for
one of the large financial companies. Currently his role is OEM Partner Service Manager. In addition
to this role, he participates in writing white papers, writing best practices, and writing exam items for
FICON training.