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OpenScript Frequently Asked Questions

by Derek_Kang on ‎01-04-2012 11:41 AM (799 Views)

I'm new to Brocade ServerIron ADX; where should I start?

Is Perl case sensitive?

Yes, it is.

What Perl version is OpenScript based on?

Perl Version 5.12

Does OpenScript support IPv6?

Yes, it does. IPv6 is transparent to OpenScript. In other words, OpenScript supports TCP/UDP/HTTP over IPv6. APIs are the same. Note that OpenScript does not support IPv6 specific header inspection and manipulation.

What is the OpenScript performance estimator and how does it work?

OpenScript provides performance estimation for a given script. Find more details here.

How do I get troubleshooting support for OpenScript?

You have two options.

What can I do with OpenScript?

  • You can inspect and manipulate the incoming requests to an SLB VIP from a client and choose a server.
  • You can inspect and manipulate the response messages from a server.
  • You can inpsect data at IP, TCP/UDP and application layers in any combinations and take an action upon it. For example, you can inspect a source IP address of DNS request and check DNS query type and drop the request or send it to a server.

What are Perl built-in functions OpenScript support and does not?

Find here.

What are the current limitations of OpenScript?

  • Scripting and CSW cannot be configured at the same time on the same service port.
  • Only one script can be bound to a given service port.
  • The size of payload collection for script processing is restricted to 20Kbytes.
  • OpenScript is supported only for SLB features; it's not supported for Health checks, TCS, and FWLB.
  • OpenScript does not provide precise control to initiate a TCP connection or UDP transcation to clients or servers. In other words, when a client connection comes in, OpenScript will allow you to choose a server to send and initiate a connection to it; but, it does not allow you to initiate a connection in advance or establish multiple connections with servers.
  • OpenScript supports data plane; there is no support for control and management planes.
  • OpenScrpt does not support SSL related APIs except an API returing status whether a client or server connection is established over SSL. Note that content manipulation over HTTPS is supported but you cannot control SSL handshake, ciphers, etc.
  • Currently, all the OpenScript events are related to an SLB VIP; for example, if traffic is not related to an SLB VIP associated with an OpenScript script, the script cannot see it.
    • Note that OpenScript is not supported to customize health checks; Also, the feature is not supported for other than SLB such as  TCS and GSLB.