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Learn OpenScript

How to submit OpenScript code

by Derek_Kang on ‎01-13-2012 11:07 PM (699 Views)


Before working on your OpenScript code, check out whether a similar code exists. If you do not find out a code that meets your needs, then you are ready to develop one and share with others.

Contribution Process

These are the contribution process from script creation through script approval and publishing as follows:

  • Click on the "Create a script" button/link in the Action box on the right hand side within the Contribute space.

     Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 9.46.07 PM.png

  • Write your code in the form provided with relevant information by following the "Guidelines" below
  • Click "Publish" at the bottom of the page (note that this is to request for approval).

Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 5.26.04 PM.png

  • Wait for the approval from Brocade for your submission. See the "Approval" process below for required criteria for approval.  The approval process will typically take up to 5 business days.
  • Check your publish status, by going to "My Stuff" and then click on "Documents/Wikis" on the pull down menu.

Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 5.26.42 PM.png

  • When your code is approved, it will be available to other users in the community.


You can find the OpenScript submisson template here.

Guidelines to submit an OpenScript code

We recommend that you copy and paste the OpenScript submission template or this guide below into a notepad or word document before creating a submission request.  Fill in the required info and once you are complete, then you can copy and paste your entry into this community submission form.

Include the following information in the form page and do not modify the collaboration options. The collaboration options are for Brocade use only.

Title (Mandatory)

     > Provide the brief title of your OpenScript code and what it does

     Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 7.05.25 PM.png

Body (Mandatory)

     > Insert your script and these required information within this form:

Tested with Brocade ServerIron ADX (Mandatory)

<Answer yes or no with comments> * Answer yes if you ran the code on ADX and verified it works as in description.

Description (Mandatory)

<Provide what your OpenScript code does and what it achieves>

Limitations (Optional)

<Provide limitations or caveats>

Required environment (Optional)

<Provide any required environment for the code to function properly, including any special configuration required on ADX>

Your Source Code (Mandatory)

              <Write your script>

     Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 10.12.28 PM.png

Categories (Mandatory)

     > Choose the proper category from the given list.  Note that you can choose multiple categories, e.g., "HTTP/HTTPS" and "Microsoft Apps"

     Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 7.01.11 PM.png

Tags (Optional)

     > Enter "openscript", categories, and titles of your OpenScriptin this "Tags" column.

     Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 7.06.11 PM.png

Upload a File (Optional)

     > Attach any relevant document (topology/diagram/etc)

     Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 9.52.03 PM.png

Approval criteria for OpenScript submission

  • There should be no duplicate OpenScript code or one very similar to an existing code.
  • All mandatory information (in the Guidelines) should be present.
  • The description should match the code.
  • The code should have been tested.