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Lateral Thinking

Trivializing Networks

by Tejas.Bhandare on ‎09-20-2013 12:33 PM (1,851 Views)

Remember the old days when you had to travel to a bank branch to check your account balance? Or the days when you required to move from the comfort of your couch to change a TV channel? If you were a channel hopper, you definitely remember the nightmare of manually tuning the channels. Some of us may not have even experienced these things and may be wondering what am I talking, thanks to the innovators and dreamers who simplified these tasks to what they are today. One of the core attribute of evolution has been simplification of the tasks that we perceived to be complex by means of innovation and creativity. It is this drive for innovation that now allow us to download and read books on a slate (a.k.a tablet) and deposit a check into a bank account by just snapping its picture on a smartphone!!


Over the years humans have simplified so many things through innovation, creativity and intelligence that we now fail to realize the complexities behind it. Look for one word in a dictionary that can describe this and the word is "Trivialize".





     1.make (something) seem less important, significant, or complex than it really is.



We have trivialized our activities and routine tasks by requiring less human intervention and making them remarkably effortless. Writing this blog on my tablet and posting it on the web was one of those things. Internet and Telecommunications today has connected people across the world and brought us closer to each other. If we want to communicate with someone miles away, we now have multiple options at our fingertips- Talk, Text and Web (chat, video)! We have trivialized communication! Now, ask a person who is responsible for deploying and managing a network infrastructure that provides this simplicity to the world and he/she will tell you a completely different story.


The time has come to bring this simplicity to the smart and intellects behind the scenes and provide a seamless and effortlessgear to build, deploy, and manage their datacenter network infrastructure. Brocade has been a pioneer and innovation powerhouse in this domain, and Ethernet Fabrics developed by Brocade for the datacenter network and virtualization infrastructure is at the forefront of this evolution. Well ahead of time, Brocade has provided the datacenter networks and virtualization infrastructure a high degree of simplicity, consolidation and a remarkable speed of deployment. With the recent transformations in Datacenters and advent of Virtualization, VM density & mobility, changing traffic patterns, Software-Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization, multi-tenancy, scalability, et. al., it has become utmost important to bring a high level of simplicity and efficiency in deploying these complex infrastructures and provide high degree of operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. Brocade Ethernet Fabrics addresses these key networking requirements and provides “Always-on reliability", "Painless scale-out", and "Automated configuration and Management".


Ethernet Fabrics is the de-facto network architecture for Virtualization, Software Defined Networking and Cloud, and Brocade is the de-facto way to deploy!


This powerful innovation from Brocade and acknowledgement of its Ethernet Fabrics from the industry directly impacts the functioning of the world's datacenters, organizations and its end users. So, what does it take to trivialize networking infrastructure for the smart and intellects behind the scenes?


To begin with...


1. Power ON the switches (RBridges)

2. Configure RBridge IDs

3. Connect cables


That's it!


Welcome to Brocade VCS Ethernet Fabric.

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