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Lateral Thinking

Out in the Open with OpenDaylight and OpenStack

by Joanna Lee ‎08-07-2014 04:30 PM - edited ‎08-12-2014 02:39 PM (4,577 Views)

You’re at lunch and all the cool kids at the table are raving about how awesome quantum physics is. You have no idea what they’re talking about but everyone else is apparently a huge fan. So to fit in, you take subtle strides to create the illusion that you know everything about everything and that you deserve to be a part of the conversation.


You sit there, fist firmly placed under your chin. Your brow, furrowed. But everything that’s being said is going over your head. Someone says something that sounds intelligent and the whole table roars in agreement. After the noise dies down, you release a perfectly timed “me too!” to confirm everyone else knows you know everything about everything.


Someone then shoots you a confused glance. Crap! Maybe your contribution was too emphatic? Or maybe the timing wasn’t spot on? Have you unintentionally blown your cover as the person who may not actually know?


This is our nature. Humans tend to shy away from what makes them uncomfortable or pretend to know the things they don’t to fit in. And when it comes to OpenDaylight and OpenStack, I was the kid who did not know.


This week’s Guide takes a stab at a high-level approach to understanding what the hype about OpenDaylight and OpenStack is. These are both quite complex concepts that cannot be fully explained in one graphic, but use this graphic as a starting guide to plug yourself into the conversation and then build from there.


Now, I embrace OpenDaylight and OpenStack with open arms, understanding its complexity in strides. I am now the kid who knows...slightly more than I did before.

-Joanna & BRCDology


Out in the Open: OpenDaylight and OpenStack