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Lateral Thinking

Acronym Boot Camp

by Joanna Lee ‎07-23-2014 02:55 PM - edited ‎07-31-2014 11:34 AM (4,444 Views)

The drill sergeant starts barking orders at the crack of dawn. By sundown, your ears are ringing, your limbs are dead; your mind, numb. This is boot camp.


The scope of boot camp varies of course, from correctional facilities to the initial indoctrination given to military personnel. But when you stop counting beans (facetiously speaking) what a boot camp is in essence is a short, intensive, and rigorous training course.


Minus the pain (and all around intensity), the same ideas can be applied to Brocade when it comes to getting all the different terms down. For acronyms, I find it most helpful to “do the drills” as you would if actually participating in boot camp by going through a short list of acronyms over and over again, until eventually you are able to commit the terms in that list to memory.


It might seem intimidating, but don’t feel pressured by the "wall of words" like I did. I find it much easier to digest once things are organized. Sort an endless list of jumbled letters by some similar quality and suddenly that “wall” becomes a mere speed bump.


Boot camp starts today with a list of acronyms that fall under the “virtual” category. Let’s get to work!


- Joanna & BRCDology


PS. Ever wonder what the heck is “in the cloud?” Check out the Guide next week to find out. 


Acronym Boot Camp - Virtual