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Brocade Community Username Notice

All Community Members,


If your username is your email address or partial email address this post pertains to your profile on the Brocade Community.


To protect your email address from SPAM, please change your username from your email address to something else other than an email. (Example: firstname.lastname, networkguru, sanman) Email addresses are kept private in your profile and should not be opening shared on the community or open to allow spam bots to crawl your profile page or community posts. (Note: This will protect you from SPAM created by crawlers scraping the community for email addresses.)  Instructions are below.


Please contact me by  posting a reply to this forum message.


Note: We are working on our registration process to help new Community Members to avoid this from happening in the future.




Jason McClellan
Brocade Community Manager/Admin



How to Update your Username on the Brocade Community


Below are the step-by-step self-serve instructions:


  • Login to the Brocade Community
  • Click on My Settings in the upper right of the page
  • The default tab should be Personal then choose Username
  • Update your username in the associated field and click Change Username.
  • Congrats - you have completed changing your username.



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