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Healthcare Solutions

The Patient-Centered IT Network: An Executive Primer

by Matt Roberts on ‎03-18-2013 07:21 AM (544 Views)

Networking infrastructure has become a matter of life and death because it supports patient care by enabling

the EHR and other clinical technologies. If the network goes down, patient care suffers—and patients

are at risk. As consumers continue to adopt mobile computing devices like smartphones and
tablets, and health systems engage patients electronically, the individual patient becomes
the center of the healthcare IT network.

While new and innovative IT network technology supports the emerging patient-centered model of care, several

myths persist with regards to traditional healthcare IT network environments.

Download this Executive Primer to learn about:

  • Five Myths about IT Networks in Healthcare Environments
  • Features of the Healthcare IT Network
  • Healthcare IT Market Trends PLUS Network Infrastructure Trends