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Branding Math: When 8 Is Bigger than 80

by Doug Wesolek ‎06-12-2014 10:32 AM - edited ‎06-12-2014 10:33 AM (4,283 Views)

One of the greatest changes in marketing history happened when the Internet decentralized how we access information. With vast amounts of information just a few mouse clicks away, consumers suddenly began dictating how they wanted to learn about your brand.


Because the buyer/seller power increasingly resides with the consumer, smart companies are trying to make their brands more of an experience—turning them into “active verbs” rather than “static nouns.”


A recent presentation on SlideShare does a great job of explaining this type of experiential approach and its potential benefits. In Brand as Verb: The Principles of High Performing Experience Brands, Ben Grossman (Strategy Director at Jack Morton Worldwide) gets at the heart of what it means to actively experience a brand.


The statistic that really jumped out to me was: “80% of leaders say their brands offer a superior customer experience. Only 8% of customers agree.”


Although I would have anticipated a gap between these two numbers, I never thought it would have been THAT wide. And with so much buying power in the hands of the consumer, the number 8 looms much larger than 80.


So how do we go about bridging that gap?


Making your brand more active is one way. Grossman cites the statistic that 74% of people advocate for brands by “describing their experiences with them.” His conclusion is that good brands tend to be more experiential—they act more like verbs than nouns.


His presentation highlights companies that are helping their customers actively participate in the brand experience. For instance, one brand, Pop Secret, created a mobile device attachment that emits a popcorn aroma as you play the brand’s mobile game “Poptopia.” Another brand, San Pellegrino, allowed Facebook users to remotely control robots that toured Italy in real time—with tablets that enabled the users to communicate directly with people on the streets of Italy.


When I think about how to make a brand more active, one of the greatest branding taglines ever comes to mind: Nike’s “Just Do It.” If we flip that tagline around a bit, it provides a good template for helping your customers become full participants in your brand: “Just Let Them Do It.”

by Jill.Hundley
on ‎06-19-2014 05:36 AM

Great post Doug!