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telnet and scripts

I'm using telnet/ssh for switch administration. Sometimes I have to issue repetitive commands with loooong list of arguments. That's boring and error-prone. Can I use scripts for that purpose?

I mean scenarion similar to the following:

1. I create text file on my PC

2. Then upload the file to the switch

3. Then run the script from a file.

Is it possible?



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Re: telnet and scripts

Andreas Bergelt is the Script EXPERT here in the Community.

I not know another one.

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Re: telnet and scripts

Thanks TechHelp24 for the flower as we say in Germany...

Perl gives you a huge bunch of packages to automate this kind of jobs.

I use the Net::SSH:Perl package and some self made function to format the returning output.

A simple way is to use a Linux or a Unix box for this tasks. It is very difficult to get a Perl SSH session running on a Windows box.

Cygwin is one way for Windows.

Running an automated SSH session is a bit  different  compared what you are asking for.

There is no need for uploading files into the switch FS and pushing the results back to an FTP server.

You need a function which creates a ssh object with an IP address, Username Password and one or more commands.

The function will return the command output.  In addition you need some error reporting as well.

I hope this helps,


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