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supported firmware


Is there a link with supported firmware for all Brocade FC Switches? I checked the web site and the data sheets under the switches I am interested in but I was unable to find the latest supported firmware levels.

Is there a recommendation for a fabric with Blade switches and Brocade 5300 as core switches. Will it be the same FOS for every switch in the fabric ?

For example I am interested whether FOS 7.0.1 is supported on Brocade 5470 (IBM Blade switch)

Any help on this is appreciated.

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Re: supported firmware

FOS Compatibility and Interoperability on Supported Switches is listed in Release Notes.

->Will it be the same FOS for every switch in the fabric ?

Is suggested, - when supported - to have same FOS Release Fabric wide.

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Re: supported firmware



if am right the type of that switch is 75 > M5424 , then even FOS 720a supports Brocade 5470



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