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sfp failure

We have an odd problem here and I am wondering if anyone has encountered anything similar. We had an SFP on an HP blade switch slowly go bad and finally fail completely. It was an ISL to one of our core switches (4100). Replacing the SFP did not bring the link up. Replaced the fiber with no success. Replacing the SFP in the core switch brought the link up. Swapped back old fiber. Everything ok.

A few months later, the same port in the blade switch exhibits the same symptoms. Slow failure resulting in users continuing to hit it, since it hadn't failed. Failed completely during troubleshooting. Swapped out both SFPs (on the ISL) this time on general principles. Problem went away.

The problem just occured again. Same port on the blade switch. Being able to occaisonally learn from mistakes, I dove in and found the errors and disabled the port which solved the immediate problem. Blade switch was completely replaced. Reusing exisiting SFPs on the assumption that it was a port problem (same port every time). Problem port did not come back on-line, until I replaced the SFPs on both sides of the ISL..

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is there a known problem with switch ports damaging SFPs on both sides of an ISL link? I really have done fairly good PD here. Swap one out, swap the other out, swap out fiber, send supportsaves to HP (support contract) for both switches, etc.

I'm puzzled. Thanks, Doug

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Re: sfp failure


may it be that you are using JDS Uniphase SFP's? We have had some trouble with them, and the current status with Brocade is that they are being re-qualified, whatever that may mean. The type we had problems with is JDS Uniphase JSH-42S3HB3.

Brgds. Bert.

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Re: sfp failure


We are using Finisar SFPs. It is a good idea to look into though. I will cross post on the Finisar site and see if I get and leads.

Thanks, Doug

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Re: sfp failure

What is the Fabric OS (Firmware version) your core switch (4100) ?

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