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set portnames with snmp

Hi all,

I am looking for the correct SNMP OID for setting the portnames via SNMP. Is this possible?

It should work on FOS 5.1 / 5.3 and 6.1.x

Thanks Andy

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Re: set portnames with snmp


i don't think you can set a port name with snmp, except any Externel Application or Tools....... trough snmp.....

Is unknown to me.


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Re: set portnames with snmp


finaly two last questions:

1. Why didn't provide Brocade a proper documentation about SNMP/SMI and extent the FOS code with a scripting interface? In bigger SAN's it is helpful to set portnames via script. SNMP is a powerful and fast way to do this. Cisco delivers a better way of managing switches. The Brocade interfaces poor compared to Cisco. I don't understand why Brocade is not able to implement a better interface and a scripting engine but implements many useless features to the FOS Code.

2. Did Brocade provide a list of writable OIDs?

Thanks, Andreas

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