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migrating from PID Extended Edge Format to PID Core format

Hi to all,

I've got fabrics configured with PID format 2 (Extended Edge )   FOS 5.0.3a .

I need to upgrade to release . The PID format 2 is not supported and I need to migrate to Core format .

What is the impact of the migration from format 2 to format 1 ???

As I understand , format 2 uses the same adressing model than native mode .

Is this the same as from native to core migration ?

I've got many HPUX and AIX hosts connected :-(

TIA , Reg/

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Re: migrating from PID Extended Edge Format to PID Core format

Migrating from Extended Edge to Core PID implies a '-16' shift in Area byte, so you're right it's a lot of fun when there are many AIX and pre-11.31 HP-UX systems in the SAN.

One trick we used in our migration projects is to physically move storage connections to compensate Area change, e.g. move array ports connected to switch ports 0-3 to ports 16-19. As we need fabric-wide downtime to change PID format anyway, moving storage ports could be easier than reconfiguring a crowd of servers.

Hope this helps,


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