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interpreting SNMP traps

I recently configured SNMP on my 3800s and complied the MIBS on my SNMP manager. Please note this is not Fabric Watch, just the native SNMP capabilities. I am successfully receiving traps but I'm not quite sure how to interpret what they actually mean. By far, the most common trap I receive is "Port Index X changed state to Y" where X is the port number (minus 1) and Y is the state. How can I tell what state numbers really mean? If this is documented somewhere please point me to the doc since I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Re: interpreting SNMP traps

The state numbers are defined in the SW-MIB file.But there are also swFCPortOpStatus and swFCPortAdmStatus entries. I am not sure which is the correct one for your errors.

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