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how can I find logfiles for troubleshooting?

We are getting some "The target of remote path cannot be connected" errors, which is dropping our storage level replication. I have been asked to verify that there are no errors on our brocade 7500 and 200e devices. Everything was running smoothly, then all of a sudden, we are getting one or more path down issues daily.


Are there log files or commands I can run to see if there are any errors at the same date/time when our replication stream drops?

If not, is there a way I can monitor syslog output in realtime so that I can capture it to another device?

We have a syslog server, but I am having trouble getting my brocade devices to talk to it.



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Re: how can I find logfiles for troubleshooting?

Hi Aubrey,


you may use


errshow -r 



if you are using MAPS, then 


mapsdb --show all


also check the specific port , portshow <port number>



For syslog, 


use syslogdipadd




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