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host shows up as L-Port 1 public

Hi, I've put an emulex lp9002l in a sun host & cabled it up to a brocade switch

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Re: host shows up as L-Port 1 public

I've seen this happen a couple of times on Sun hosts with Emulex, where the HBA did not completely login to the fabric, and shows up as an L-Port. Assuming the port is not configured to be an L-Port at the switch level, you can try doing a portdisable followed by a portenable on the port# that the HBA is connected to. This has worked for me in the past. Alternatively, you can run the lputil (or lputil64) utility in /usr/sbin/lpfc, and issue a reset to the the HBA. Obviously, you need to know the HBA instance # if there is more than one in the server. Hope this helps...

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Re: host shows up as L-Port 1 public

also check your /kernel/drv/lpfc.conftopology should be 2 (point-to-point only) or 6 (point-to-point first, if it fails try loop)

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