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brocade configuration

I am a newbie to FC switches. How do stop a switch from becoming the princial switch when i add it to an existing fabric??

Help please

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Re: brocade configuration

     fabricPrincipal - Sets the principal switch selection mode.


     Use this command to set principal switch selection mode for
     the switch.

     This command has the following operands:

      -f     Specify the -f option to force a fabric rebuild. This option is
             required when enabling principal switch mode. This option is not
             valid with the disabling principal switch mode.

      -h     Specify the -h option to display the command usage summary.

      -q     Specify the -q option to display the current mode state.

      mode   Specify 1 enable, or 0 to disable principal switch mode (the mode
             activates when the fabric rebuilds). This operand is optional.

     To display current mode setting:

     switch:admin> fabricprincipal -q

     Principal Selection Mode: Enable

     To disable mode setting:

     switch:admin> fabricprincipal 0

     Principal Selection Mode disabled

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