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blank zone in the cfg?

Please forgive me if this has been discussed before - I cannot find the thread.  Feel free to point me in the right direction.

Also if I have this in the wrong area - again I am sorry - I am new to these discussions.

I have a question on basic configuration - I hope you can help..............

I have created a new alias and a new zone as follows....

zone:  zWC_BNE3_0215DP_HBA1

                    BNE3_0215DP_HBA1;  BNE3_0001SVCCL

alias:  BNE3_0215DP_HBA1


The alias BNE3_0001SVCCL has been used many times before and is not my concern.

The alias for BNE3_0215DP_HBA1 is new and we use WWN based zoning.

All the above looks normal to me.  Now when I add this zone to the cfg ........

cfgadd "cfg_name", "zone_name"

It adds the zone on the end of the cfg as you would expect, but it puts a ; before the zone.

So the last two zones in the cfg look like this.........

zWC_BNE3_0001SVCCL_BNE3SAN7_0436_SPA2;  ;  zWC_BNE3_0215DP_HBA1

So - question - why does the extra ; appear?  When I remove the zone from the cfg the extra ; also removes


Other info that might be relevant.....

Brocade M48


Fabric OS:  v6.1.0c

Made on: Sat Jun 14 02:28:26 2008

Flash:     Fri Aug 29 16:53:49  2008

BootProm:  4.6.6

Uptime:  557 days

Many Thanks,


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Re: blank zone in the cfg?

Ok - worked it out (with some help).

Someone put a ; on the last alias created which in turned showed up on the cfg once I added the

new zone.  It was on the last alias created prior to the one that I needed to  add.

I am also told this problem cannot happen in v6.2 FOS.



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