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Zoning issues with FOS 8.2.0

I have a customer that upgraded 5 switches in 1 fabric to FOS v 8.2.0
After upgrading the fabric they see some issues

The zone configuration (Zone Config) saving aborts generating the "checksum error" and refreshes the ‘zoneconfig’ which refreshes the recently made changes. There is no hardware error on the switch and it seems to be working fine.


Customer tried to downgrade one of the switches to 8.1.2a but still facing the same issue





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Re: Zoning issues with FOS 8.2.0

Exact error:

---Start of commit (Save Zone Database Only At Thu Jan 25
Error: Operation failed due to checksum mismatch
Zoning DB has been refreshed at Thu Jan 25

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Re: Zoning issues with FOS 8.2.0

@Thomas Karlend


checksum mismatch error, are related to Compact Flash.


did you try to repeat a operation from a from anothe switch in the same fabric ?


If the error persist, i would suggest in any case to open a TAC with the Vendor.


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