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Which account does DCFM use to log into a switch?

I have reviewed the DCFM user manual in order to determine which account DCFM uses when I launch element manager to any of the switches within my fabric.

For example, I log into DCFM with an admin level account which is not configured on any of the switches, However, I am still able to administer that switch using its native java element manager, which I launched from DCFM.

If anyone can fill me in on the process I'd appreciate it


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Re: Which account does DCFM use to log into a switch?

You find the configured users in the Discovery menu of DCFM.

A Brocade FOS switch need a user account and at least SNMP v1 to get managed in DCFM.

I assume that M EOS switches need SNMP V3 for the management.

SNMP v3 needs a username and password for authentication if securtiy is set.

The SNMP settings can be checked in the discovery menu too.

I hope this helps,


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