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What is meaning Date Code of sfpshow -all output?


Hello, All


What is meaning Date Code of sfpshow -all output?


See the below Date Code of sfpshow -all part of output.


Does that mean a production or manufacturing year of sfp?




example )


Port  0:
Identifier:  3    SFP
Connector:   7    LC
Transceiver: 150c402000000000 100,200,400_MB/s M5,M6 sw Inter_dist
Encoding:    1    8B10B
Baud Rate:   43   (units 100 megabaud)
Length 9u:   0    (units km)
Length 9u:   0    (units 100 meters)
Length 50u:  15   (units 10 meters)
Length 62.5u:7    (units 10 meters)
Length Cu:   0    (units 1 meter)
Vendor Name: AGILENT        
Vendor OUI:  00:30:d3
Vendor PN:   AFBR-57R5AP    
Vendor Rev:     
Wavelength:  850  (units nm)
Options:     001a Loss_of_Sig,Tx_Fault,Tx_Disable
BR Max:      0  
BR Min:      0  
Serial No:   A10506021R     
Date Code:   050214 
Temperature: 34 Centigrade
Current:     4.460 mAmps
Voltage:     3277.2 mVolts
RX Power:    -inf  dBm (0.0 uWatts)
TX Power:    -4.2  dBm (379.8 uWatts)


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Re: What is meaning Date Code of sfpshow -all output?

yes, this is the production Years.


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