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What does D2,P0 D2,P0 2 mean in fabric log?

I find some log events as below. Anyone can tell me what "D2,P0 D2,P0 2"mean?


Switch 0; Mon Apr 13 09:19:40 2015 GMT (GMT+0:00)

09:19:40.914023 SCN LR_PORT (0);g=0x2c2                     D2,P0  D2,P0  2     NA   

09:19:40.914046 SCN Port Online;g=0x2c2                     D2,P0  D2,P1  2     NA   

09:19:40.914210 Port Elp engaged                            D2,P1  D2,P0  2     NA   

09:19:40.914240 SCN Port F_PORT                             D2,P1  D2,P0  2     NA   

09:19:40.914260 *Removing all nodes from port               D2,P0  D2,P0  2     NA   

09:21:24.806803 SCN Port Offline;g=0x2c4                    D2,P0  D2,P0  2     NA   

09:21:24.806822 *Removing all nodes from port               D2,P0  D2,P0  2     NA   


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Re: What does D2,P0 D2,P0 2 mean in fabric log?

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