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Trying to get a SAN configured; running into Brocade issues

Hello all,

I've got the following setup:

  • Netapp 3140, dual controller
  • QLogic 5602 (firmware 7.4) connected to both controllers. This works perfectly.
  • Brocade Silkworm 4100 (firmware 6.1c) connected to both controllers. Can't do anything with it.
  • Oldschool Apple XRaid that I'd like to plug in at some point. It's not a part of the situation yet, but I'd like to add it eventually.

Both switches have been inherited from other locations in my organisation.

OK, some more details:

Well, I haven't needed to set up a SAN from scratch with different vendore before, so I have never needed to look at the "advanced" settings. Frankly, I was expecting everything to work like Ethernet switches do.

I can't reset the Brocade to factory defaults without a support contract apparently, or if so I'm misunderstanding the incomprehensible instructions. I was able to reset the QLogic to default settings though.

I think these may be the important points:

  • Brocade says it's in McData Open Fabric mode and won't let me do very much.
  • I can't see how to change the mode, and I don't know why I would need to.
  • I would be fine with a single zone, allowing everything to see everything and just restrict LUNs at the filer level.
  • I haven't used the CLI on a FC switch before but I am comfortable usign the CLI if necessary. I can SSH to the switches.
  • The Brocade does show WWNs for my Netapp and for the (currently one) server connected to it.

Questions - well, one question really: What do I do now?

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Re: Trying to get a SAN configured; running into Brocade issues

Hi Chris_Vancouver,

First thing to do is to reset your Brocade to its native mode as you don't have it connected to McDATA any more:

interopMode --disable

Second, it's highly recommended to upgrade switch firmware to the latest version supported by your storage vendor (Netapp). I can't read current version due to typo but you'd want to have 6.3.2d or 6.4.1b at least.

Then you'll get a normal Brocade switch where you can configure zoning and other things as necessary.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Trying to get a SAN configured; running into Brocade issues

Thanks for the help. I had been experiencing a couple of other issues and wanted to follow up:

I needed to cycle power to the switch to get the CLI to respond properly. Once I did that, I disabled the switch with switchdisable, then disabled interop mode with interopmode 0 and rebooted the device.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. I've been able to create aliases, zones, and a config through the CLI now with no problems.

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