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Strange Zoning Problem

I think it's a zoning problem. We have two swicthes a 3800 and a 2800 ISLed. Whenever we reboot system 1 on the 3900, then system 2 on the 3900 gets kicked off the SAN. Our default SAN guy which is also the admin of system 1 insists it's a driver problem on system 2. We updated the driver, HPUX to the latest. Also, if we unplug and replug the fiber on system 2, thus logging in, every thing goes back to normal.

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Re: Strange Zoning Problem

Are the two ports in the same zone? If so, SCNs can cause some older drivers/HBAs to flip out and go offline. It could also be due to route rebalancing when port 1 leaves the fabric, again some drivers have issues with that.

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