Fibre Channel (SAN)

Shortcuts to Useful Documents and Tools (updated: 10/9/13)

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The information below consists of shortcuts to much of the existing documentation that is scattered throughout  None, of this information requires a log-in.  If there is anything I overlooked, or you feel should be included, please leave a comment at the bottom, I will review and will try to include it going forward. 

Administrators Guides

  1. Fabric OS Administrators Guide 7.2
  2. Fabric OS FCIP Administrators Guide 7.2
  3. Access Gateway Administrators Guide 7.2
  4. Web Tools Administrators Guide 7.2
  5. FICON Administrators Guide 7.2
  6. Fabric Watch Administrators Guide 7.2
  7. EZSwitchSetup Administrators Guide 7.2
  8. Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite Administrators Guide 7.2 *new feature*
  9. Flow Vision Administrators Guide 7.2 *new feature*

Best Practice Guides

  1. SAN Fabric Administration Best Practice Guide (Support Perspective)
  2. SAN Design and Best Practices v2.3
  3. SAN Fabric Resiliency Best Practices v2.0
  4. Best Practice Guide: Cabling the Datacenter

Other Useful Documents

  1. Fabric OS Command Reference Guide 7.2
  2. Fabric OS Message Reference Guide 7.2
  3. Fabric OS Troubleshooting and Diagnostics Guide 7.2
  4. Fabric OS MIB Reference Guide 7.1
  5. Fabric OS Product Line Guide
  6. FabricVision Datasheet *new feature*
  7. FCIP Trunking
  8. Solution Guide: Integrating a Brocade DCX Backbone at the Core of an M-EOS Fabric
  9. Scale-Out Architectures with Brocade DCX 8510 UltraScale Inter-Chassis Links
  10. Fabric OS v7.x Compatibility Matrix
  11. Brocade SAN Scalability Guidelines:  Brocade Fabric OS v7.x
  12. Technical Brief:  Brocade Local Switching with Multi-Stage Backbone and Director Platforms

Tools & Downloads

  1. SAN Health Pro
  2. SAN Health Diagnostics Capture
  3. Visio Product Stensils:  San Products
  4. Visio Images for SAN Diagrams
  5. HBAs and Adapter downloads
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The above has been updated for FOS 7.2.  Please note, new features/docs were highlighted in red.