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Secure syslog issues in FabricOS 7.4. TLS


Has anyone managed to get Syslog working using TLS in FabricOS 7.4?


My syslog server is complaining that the CA certificate is incorrect or the handshake fails.  The exact same CA certificate is functioning without issues on other devices. 


I'm able to capture the TLS packets just fine but the issue apears to be specific to the way the switch uses TLS.


Anyone had any success?

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Re: Secure syslog issues in FabricOS 7.4. TLS

After some troubleshooting I finally had some success.  NTP must be configured correctly so the time is correct. Also DNS must be configured correctly if domain names are used in the certificate.  Syslog-ng is the program behind the scenes so that made things easier. 


Also only a single CA certificate is supported even though syslog-ng could support more.

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