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SW multiprotocol router - types of SFP?

What kind of SFPs modules are used in SW multiprotocol router? There can be two types of connections: to FC SANs and to IP networks. The ports themselves AFAIK are universal and autosensing. But what kind of SFPs do I need to connect to Ethernet network? RJ-45 or LC, or both? Should they be bought along with Brocade hardware, or can we utilize spare LC or RJ-45 SFPs for Cisco routers?

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Re: SW multiprotocol router - types of SFP?

Hi, both Router AP7420 and 7500 Support ONLY! SWL=Short-Wave, LWL=Long-Wave and ELWL=Extended Long-Wave SFP.Use here Fibre Channel Finisar SFP this are Brocade Certified. Moust Cisco SFP ( but not all ) have any Hardware ID and work only in Cisco Hardware.


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