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SAN ID question

Hi ,


I have "N( P+Q)" number of Server FC Adapter ports , "P" of which is connected to  SAN -1  & "Q" of which is connected to "SAN 2"

( The SAN can be phyiscal SAN or  logically segmented SAN). 


I want to provide the User  an abilility to automatically configure adapters ports based on the SAN in which the ports are hooked  to

. I am calling this as a SAN ID .


I would like to know  Is there a unique Identifier that can represent a phyiscal or logical fabric exist in Brocade fabric .


Does  "Zone set name" or Fabric name  can help me take such a grouping decision .

Is Zoneset name  and  Fabric Name  globally uniqueue  attribute.

Appreciate  your help in understanding  a way to uniquely identify a SAN fabric ( logical or physical)


Hope I mentioned the question clear



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