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Resetting / connecting to DS-4700M Fibre Channel switch

Hello everyone,


i have a problem with 2 fibre channel switches. I dont know the IP of these but i want to connect to them for managing purposes. I tried to connect via USB -> Serial


and used Putty with these settings:


  • Bits per second 57600.
  • Data bits -8.
  • Parity -None.
  • Stop bits -1.
  • Flow control: None.

When starting the operation, nothing happens in the console. I tried the cable with an other switch from an other company, and it worked.

At the front is a reset button, but nothing changed when i pushed it.

Any ideas?

I am working at an university for my professor and he hass less clues than me in this case :smileyvery-happy:


Best regards


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Re: Resetting / connecting to DS-4700M Fibre Channel switch



when it comes to the cable, according to the manuals, the required one is the following:


Null modem cable — An asynchronous RS-232 null modem cable is required to configure product network addresses and acquire event log information through the product’s serial port. The cable has nine conductors and DB-9 female connectors.


so make sure, that it is the same type.


The putty settings are just fine, so I would check the cable.




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Re: Resetting / connecting to DS-4700M Fibre Channel switch

Thanks for you reply :)

Yesterday i just found out that there is a cable type like this ^^

I tried it today and it worked :D

I wonder why the other switch which isnt from EMC doesn't work with an asynchronous cable thou.


Best regards


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