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Replace core switches and WWPN defined zones



we have a dual fabric cluster (fabric A and B) with edge-core topology.
The edge switches are bladecenter switches Brocade 5470 and Brocade 6547. The core switches are brocade 300 switches.
The zones are all 1:1 zones WWPN based.
The host OS  are ESX 5.x , Linux (SLES), AIX, Windows w2k8.

Now we want to replace the brocade 300 core switches with brocade 6510 switches.

Our plan is the following:
- ensure same firmware versions at old and new core switches
- configure new core switches (IP, domain ID’s)
- ISL the new core switches to the old one
- move the ISLs to the edge switches and the connections to the storage servers one by one to the new core switches.

Is that a legal migration path if all the zones are WWPN based?

Must there be any precautions taken before moving the cables (e.g. disable port / enable port)?




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Re: Replace core switches and WWPN defined zones

Hi there,


It looks good to me. Personally, prior to disconnect a host/ISL I prefer to disable the port.



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Re: Replace core switches and WWPN defined zones

Hello Carlos,


It seems to be a good strategy.


How many Edge Switches ?


just ensure you have multipath installed and all paths LIVE/OPEN/HEALTHY on your hosts to prevent LoA to the LUNs.


Chek the architecture of the new core device, you have a great opportunity to populate your new core accordingly to the best practices ;)


Run a SanHealth before starting the migration, look for hang mem zones, check if the ISL fan in/out ratios are ok...


the hang mems is just to prevent a host is without its target, resulting in a lack of san redundancy.

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