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Question about the "edge hold time"

Hi all,

I would like to get information about the new option to configure the switch"edge hold time",
somebody must have information about this subject

because for me hold time is :

Discarded frames : the frame was discarded or the detination device was not logged into the director. There are four reasons this could happen :

Most likely - A received frame could not be routed and was discarded because the frame timed out ( insufficient buffer-to-buffer credit downstream).
We will hold the frame for the duration of the holt Timer. See settings below by firmware version.

5.x and below = 500msec
Hold Time = ((R_A_TOV - ED_TOV)/max hops)/2). If RA_TOV is 10 and ED_TOV is 2, the total time is 8 seconds and 1/16th of thaht is 500ms
6.x = 1000msec
7.x = 1600msec
No route - a routing bug has caused a mis-route
A destination device went away si that frames in-flight could not be delivred
A device that isn't zoned is sending class 3 frames to an F_PORT



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Re: Question about the "edge hold time"

I have read the same question in a Brocade Course.....

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Re: Question about the "edge hold time"

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