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QLogic SANbox zoning conversion tool

Hi All,


I've got a couple of Qlogic SANbox sanswitches I want to bin and replace with a Brocade 6510.


Has anyone got a conversion tool? Save having to do the whole config by hand....





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Re: QLogic SANbox zoning conversion tool

Such a tools is generally not available.

Brocade offer with SAN-Health for Free a conversion File from Cisco config for such a Migration, but I'm not sure if this is available for QLogic.

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Re: QLogic SANbox zoning conversion tool



A message to Brocade. If you want to sell more switches. Invest some time in developing a conversion tool for configs.

This would a real boon to deploying Brocade switches.





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Re: QLogic SANbox zoning conversion tool



I did something similar for migrations between McData and Brocade. A few simple awk oneliners normally do the trick. I don't know the layout of the Qlogic configuration so I can't help you for now.


Let me know if you have an example of the Qlogic layout. Shouldn't be too hard I guess.



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