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Portname on an ISL Ports


I have a dual Fabric SAN, and each Fabric has two interconnected switches.

SW1 port 12 is ISL to SW3 port 7 and SW2 port 12 is  ISL to SW4 port 7. I experience some issues where some ports will go offline intermittently so I decided to gather the supportshow. In the supportshow output, I noticed that the ISL ports has a portname from different ports on the other switch. For example, SW1 port 12 has a portname from one of the port of SW3 and SW2 port 12 also has a portname from one of the port of SW3.

Any Ideas?


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Re: Portname on an ISL Ports

A port can be named with the portname command.

help portname gives you options etc

If you execute portname {port#} on the ports in question it should return it's given name.

An empty line means no name

Perhaps a (former) colleague named the port to make something clear.

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