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Physical switch, logical switch and FID

Logical switches use FID values to establish ISL link - both logical switches must have the same FID.

That preclude connection between two logical switches within single chassis, because they must have differen FIDs.

Q1: What about connection logical switch in chassis A and other switch B working in VF disabled mode, that means physical switch?

Does physical swich have any FID value?

Q2: Can I connect two logical switches from single chassis A to physical switch B ?



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Re: Physical switch, logical switch and FID

Q1: The physical switch should not require a FID address.  From the physical switch's standpoint you are simply running an ISL.  If you are going to be adding an EX_port ISL from the Logical switch to the physical switch, that changes the game a little.

When you create a FID for the EX port, you must create a different FID from the Logical Switch.

The physical switch (assuming it is in VF disabled mode) would not exist, and not need to.

Q2: Yes, you can.  Switch B will think that two different switches are connected. 

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