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New Install, Help w/ Design & Implementation (newb)

I have limited SAN experience so be nice...   I work for a relatively small office and am setting up a SAN environment to use with a few VMware servers.  I have the following equipment, some of which is already in use.

(2) Brocade 200E Switches.  One has 16 ports active, one has 8 active.

(1) EMC AX150 Dual Processor.  This has dual processors, 2 fibre ports/ea processor.

(1) EMC AX4 Dual Processor.  This has dual processors also, 2 fibre ports/ea processor.

(3) Servers w/ dual Emulex HBAs.

As of today, I have the AX150 connected to ONE of the 200Es, using 1 fibre connection to each processor.  These are connected to ports 0 & 4 on the 200E.  The 3 servers are connected to the same 200E w/ 2 fibre connections/ea.  This was accomplished w/ an "out-of-the-box" config, only assigning an IP address to the switch.  The remaining config was done on the AX150/servers as I understand that!

I would like to have an environment where each device (AX150/AX4/servers) is connected to both switches for redundancy.  I would like the failure of a patch cord/processor/switch/HBA to NOT take the entire setup down.  I'm not sure where to start w/ the switch config.  I guess I need a SAN 101 as applied to my equipment!

ANY help is appreciated.

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Re: New Install, Help w/ Design & Implementation (newb)

see follow Threads,

or create a Visio sheet and Upload here.

I will provide to help to configure your SAN


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