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I saw a Prof services person came and migrated our Brocade SAN to Cisco SAN.

my question is

1) how to migrate Cisco SAN to Brocade? tools? what is involved ?

2) how to migrate Brocade SAN to Cisco ? tools? what is involved ?

i know this $$$$$$$ involvment, but let see someone got any idea about his.

thank you

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Re: Migration

I'm assuming by SAN you mean "Switch"

They probably just copied over all the zoning information from the Brocade over to the Cisco , nothing major just time consuming (depending on how big your fabric is)


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Re: Migration

I'm interested in best practices for replacing Cisco 9000 MDS switches with DCX.
Running config consists of over 300 active zones with some vsans.
What tools beyond SANHealth, should I consider to be well prepared for migration?
I do not know well DCFM software that comes from DCX - but I wonder if its Wizards can make something useful?

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