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Logical or physical switch?

I have small fabric consisting of two Brocade 5100's connected by E_ports. No EX_ports, no other switches in the fabric.

I noticed that VF (virtual fabrics) mode is enabled on them. Strange, because according to documentation it should be disabled by default. Nevermind, I can change it.

However it raised a question: What is better?

Should I choose physical switch (that means vf disabled) or rather stay with logical switch?

Note: I don't plan to use more than one logical switch.

Advandatages of logical switch (vf mode enabled):

1. maybe in far future I will need another logical switch

2. It doesn't cost anything in terms of performance, availability, etc. - is it true?

Disadvantages of logical switch

- Are there any?



Radoslaw Skorupka

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Re: Logical or physical switch?

The main disadvantage is added complexity, however in a tiny environment like that I don't think the added complexity would be much of a concern. If you feel there may be a future need for logical fabrics now is the time to decide.

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