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Licenses Transfer

Hi all,
I have a doubt.

if I have a client with a switch, for example, a Brocade 5300 with 80 active ports, ie, a base switch with 48 ports and two POD and if I need to replace this switch.

Question: I need to take into stock a unit with the same number of ports or a base unit with 48 ports and when I transfer the licenses POD enable the other ports?

Alvaro Luna

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Re: Licenses Transfer

Hi Alvaro Luna,

I am not sure if I understand you right.

Following statement is important for you: You can't transport the license from one SAN switch to another box. Each license is bound to the WWN of the switch.

In your case I would say you have to put a fully licensed switch in your stock. Or buy maintenance contract from your OEM or Brocade. Then they will bring in a replacement and transfer the license in case of a hardware replacement.

As far as I know is this process is not possible without any maintenance contract.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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