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LSAN Zoning Configuration using DCX backbone

Hi ..

I have recently implemented DCX (virtual fabrics) in our environment and have below questions folks..

**How LSAN zones works through backbone router.(I am using two DCX-4S as a backbone router).And I  have two edge fabrics(created from DCX as logical switches/fabrics) in either side of DCX-4S.

**What is Frontdomain ID , Phantom ID, XLate ID's and how it works in importing / exporting devices.

**If you have any document which explains frontdomain id or xlate id's it would be a great  help

**Please let me know if more information required for understanding the infrastructure.

Thanks in advance..

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Re: LSAN Zoning Configuration using DCX backbone


the FOS Admin Guide is a good point of entry.

In addition Brocade offers a book called Multiprotocol Routing for SANs from Josh Judd (ISBN: 0-7414-2306-5) which explains this topic quite good.

Did you create this config as a test or did you plan to use it in production?

Did you have really a strong reason to run Virtual Fabrics?

Keep in mind that all additional overhead will take a risk of management/admin errors.

I hope this helps,


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