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IP ports used by FCIP


         Does anyone know which ports are used for FCIP troubleshooting. Specifically I am looking for the port number used for the ipperf option with portcmd command. I read it one time in one of the documents that in order to run the ipperf option with portcmd, it needs to have a certain tcp/ip port open in the firewall. I just can't seem to find it or rememeber it. I know two ports used for FCIP mgmt/data traffic are 3225&3226. I suspect that 2337 could be one I am looking for but are not sure.

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: IP ports used by FCIP

Sorry I meant 3227 and not 2337

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Re: IP ports used by FCIP

3227 seems to be the one, from FabOS 5.2 CmdRef:

switch:admin> portcmd ipperf 4/ge0 -s -d -S
ipperf to from IP interface on 4/0:3227
30s: BW:115.67MBps WBW(30s): 56.70MBps Loss(%):0.0 Delay(ms):2 PMTU:1500

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